Visceral Manipulation

It's a treatment we use here, but what is it?

Most simply it is the assessment and movement of the organs in your abdomen, and how they move around one another. The purpose of visceral manipulation, (VM) is to reduce soft tissue dysfunction within the abdomen that causes pain. Scar tissue can form in the abdominal cavity and create a spider web of abnormal restriction.

Your organs are meant to move with each breath and each step for normal function. When your organs lose their normal movement, your body is forced to compensate. Did you know that the kidneys move 3-4 cm every time you breathe, multiply that times 20,000 times per day and you get 600m of distance, or about 3/8 of a mile.

Your intestines must stretch every time you bend, stretch, or reach. Imagine if someone took a staple gun and placed a staple in the center of your stomach. It would be both hard to move and you would clearly have a problem.

Now if you have your gall bladder removed and you develop adhesions from surgery, you might have a similar thing occur along your right side, you can understand why you might develop some pain.

VM works with the movement and mobility or organs but not the function of them. Sometimes getting them moving does help them function better. The technique is very light and comfortable using light pressure of the hands and trying to get things moving together.

We have been trained through the Barrall Institute in this technique.
You might be a good candidate for this type if treatment if you have:

  • Abdominal pain that varies or increases with movement.
  • History of abdominal trauma, surgery, infection, or chronic inflammation.
  • Abdominal surgeries including: appendectomy, hysterectomy, caesarian section, bladder prolapse.
  • IBS, Crohn’s disease, endometriosis, acid reflux, cysts, gallbladder and kidney.